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Following a successful 25-year career in Financial Services and Business, Ainsley was head-hunted from London by the highly successful deVere Group who have a significant presence in Dubai and operate throughout the globe from over 100 offices around the world.

His reflects his passion for working with clients to create added value and financial security by recommending the right financial products that best suit their needs has driven him to leave the comfort of retirement to return to the battle-front, but this time in the sun!

Ainsley provides the expatriate community in Dubai with financial consultancy in respect of international savings for key life events like property purchases, Educational Plans and Pensions. Other products include bonds, life insurance, as well as structured products.

2201Marina Plaza Emaar Drive, Dubai Marina, PO Box 758464
Contact Details
Ainsley Stephenson, Wealth Management Consultant
URL: https://www.devere-acuma.com/



She does not believe in calling herself a restaurant/ food critic, but she truly understands the different cuisines around the world, thanks to the different stamps on her passport. Entry to any part of the world has never been an issue for her. Her origin is from the SPICE LAND “INDIA” and conquering Asia on her love for Sushi has landed her here. Delhi, India is where she spent her childhood and Dubai, UAE is home! She works full time and in her spare time she steps out to enjoy life. She believes: Life is a feast, devour it!

Sitting as an anonymous columnist behind a computer was against her idea of approaching the web world. Finally, “Ladies Night and Brunches” gave her a creative outlet to express her thoughts and concerns on food, restaurant service, drink deals, new places to try and fun hangout joints and all this preferable using one of the numerous food and beverage deals. And she feels it is a website one should be on if looking for great deal on food and beverage! They have a deal for every occasion.

She hopes to share her love for food here and give you reference to some of the best places to dine in Dubai.



Bojana Vucic, Professor of Sport and Physical Education, Operations Manager and VIP personal trainer for the ladies in Miss Fitness Company, Dubai. “she believes that fitness and health are not just going to the gym and running on a treadmill, it is a POSITIVE lifestyle change.”

Miss fitness is a fitness institute in Dubai formed by Women & dedicated to Women. At Miss Fitness, they employ dedicated, friendly, Women Personal Trainers who help members to achieve their fitness goals in the comfort of theirs home by designing tailor-made personal training sessions.

You connect with Bojana Vucic on Instagram @boyana_vucic



As the creative force behind the Good Habits phenomenon, Carole Holditch’s strength as a motivator is derived from her passionate commitment to helping others. Carole understands the struggles of dealing with weight management and her own experience has shown her that the benefits spill into many other areas of one’s life such as improved health, more confidence and increased self-esteem. Carole lost 42lbs 22years ago and has maintained that weigh loss.

Originally from a catering background, Carole has always had a keen interest in food and nutrition and it was while working at St Anthony’s Heart Specialist Hospital, in the UK that she realised the implication of diet and lifestyle to health and wellbeing. Here, she completed an RSH Nutrition Diploma and embarked on her own personal weight loss odyssey that radically changed her outlook on life.

The creation of Good Habits in 1997 now provides the platform from which she is able to motivate others to make that change and enjoy the same joy and wellbeing she has experienced. As such, Good Habits is more than just a weight loss programme; it is a powerful motivation and support network intent on helping people to manage their weight and lead a healthier lifestyle through Good Habits.

Carole Currently

  • Manages 8 Good Habits weekly group meetings in Dubai
  • Coaches “One to one sessions”
  • Runs corporate workshops, seminars and presentation and has worked with companies such as Emirates, nestle, PepsiCo, Master foods, Dubai Petroleum, SS Lootah, Dubai Women’s College. Philips and many more.
  • Held workshops and presentations for Young People, clients include, Rashid School for boys, Dubai English Speaking School and Emirates International School.
  • Has Produced “The Good Habits Cookbook” which has sold over 5000 copies. “Entertaining with Good Habits” is her most recent cookbook.

You can connect with Carole Holditch via email: info@goodhabitsuae.com



Deena Dadachanji is an educator whose passion for authentic learning spaces has taken her across the globe, from Pakistan to Dubai, to Canada, Singapore, Thailand and back to Dubai. Having taught in International Schools for most of her teaching career, Deena completed her Master’s in Education Administration and is now consulting and offering alternative learning opportunities for children in Dubai and globally.

Deena provides families and communities with the tools to integrate holistic practices into children’s education. She empowers families with the skills and strategies to reinvigorate children’s passion for learning and coaches them to address challenges, including healthy emotional expression within the family, talking about puberty, discipline and boundary building with children, and mindfulness practices in education.

After successfully creating and delivering a program for girls to learn about puberty, she teamed up with Vanessa Woodthorpe-Wright to re-imagine the program in a more authentic, creative and engaging way. Together, they co-founded Girl Talk, a first of its kind workshop series in Dubai that offers girls the tools to explore their journeys into womanhood within a safe and nourishing space and inspiring their happiness and health.



Tell me and I will forget, show me and I will remember, involve me and I understand.

In her experience as a teacher over the past 10 years, Edvarda has learned that children learn best by doing things. Through the Skygarden approach at Blossom, children learn as they engage using their whole body to be explorers, investigators, creators and use critical thinking, causing the synapses between neurons to become well-worn pathways, permanently etched into the brain as they begin to reach the milestones associated with child development.

As an Education Director for the past 2 years at Blossom Nurseries, Edvarda takes pride as she sees little ones developing and teachers working with passion supporting each individual child to make those connections, to make sense of the world around them, provide exciting and interesting experiences in an environment that promotes curiosity and independence.

Over this past 6 years being at Blossom she has had the opportunity to grow professionally with completing CACHE LEVEL 3 Diploma for the Children and Young People’s Workforce and Cache Level 3 Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement.

Blossom ensures that all the team have a professional development path laid out. In her role as an Education Director, Edvarda supports the teaching team to grow professionally and strengthen skills and knowledge through training programs, ensuring that all staff have equal opportunities to believe, achieve and become.



“No kid is unsmart. Every kid is a genius at something. Our job is to find it. And then encourage it.” (Robin Sharma)

The Blossom Mantra is believe, achieve, become and we use this as the framework for learning. By believing in ourselves we work to achieve our goals and become all that we can be. Our environment and curriculum are based on the understanding that each child is an individual with unique needs, learning styles and interests. We aspire to provide many ways of learning that encompass and adapt to different abilities through our SKYGARDEN curriculum which is based on the framework of the British Foundation Curriculum and elements of emergent approaches such as Montessori, Steiner and Reggio Emelia approaches.

Our approach is centered on the British Foundation Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) where the focus is on stages of development rather than chronological, age based teaching and learning. The overarching aim of the EYFS is to help children achieve every Child Matters five outcomes:

  • Staying safe
  • Being healthy
  • Enjoy and Achieve
  • Make a Positive Contribution
  • Achieve Economic Wellbeing

With Master’s in Arts, Cache Level 5 Diploma in Leadership for Health and Social Care and Children and Young People’s Services and over 10 years of experience working in educational environment, Julitta was able to learn about Blossom through different positions; as a Preschool teacher, Deputy Manager and Centre Director. While teaching, Julitta was implementing the understanding that we have in Blossom that each child is unique and has different needs, learning styles and interests. Now as a part of the management team, she still has constant contact with the children and parents. Don’t expect Julitta to sit in the office all the time and don’t be surprised if she learns your child’s name straight away!

Julitta’s daily mantra is: “Give the world the best you have, and the best will come to you.” (Madeline Bridge) and that’s what she is trying to give to you and your children!



Kaya Peters is a writer, Yoga Teacher and founder of Kaya Yoga Registered Yoga School, as well as the KayaLoves.com Lifestyle Blog. For the past decade, she has been traveling around the world to study with some of worlds most renowned experts in the field of Yoga, Nutrition and Holistic Health. Kaya’s Yoga organization is dedicated to deliver quality Yoga Certification in line with Yoga Alliance Standards. In addition, she is a passionate writer and lifestyle blogger who loves to share her views on life, freedom and love with the world.

Kaya’s qualifications:

  • Graduated from a 900-hour Vijnana Yoga Teacher Training Course and registered with the International Yoga Alliance as an E-RYT-500, Registered Yoga School 200 & 300 hours
  • ITEC certified for Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology
  • Certified Macrobiotic Chef and Practitioner
  • Certified by Paul Pitchford as a Whole Food Nutritionist
  • Certified Thai Massage Therapist
  • Certified Health Coach
  • Completion of several modules of Kinesiology/Neurological based therapy (N.E.I.)
  • Basic theoretical and practical studies of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture
  • Certified for “Nutrition for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention” from the University of San Francisco
  • Certified “Access Consciousness” practitioner
  • Svastha Yoga Therapy: Yoga Psychology
  • Level 1 Kofutu Healing

You can connect with Kaya Peters via email: thisiskaya@gmail.com



She is helping people to discover their soul and spirit. Get acquainted with SOUL – always exciting, useful and intresting activity! It is extremely sensitive and even a little attention to that direction it will give person all that what he/she so long dreaming about. Her goal is to help the maximum number of people in the world to solve the issues related to the purpose/mission/path (both kids and adults) and relationship to the couple.

Ksusha support people in difficult times, teach them how to find a centre and how to be a footing for themselves, sharing all her knowledge for going deeper inside.

In practice she is using 7 basic tools of work:
– hypersensitivity and the ability to read people;
– astropsychology (Russian method “Soul Formula”);
– Human Design;
– healing Reiki sessions;
– Tarot cards;
– reading of Akashik records and healing sessions, information about karma relationships, blocks from past lives;
– transformation games;

Ksusha is giving personal sessions and online sessions, individual and group trainings about each tool of her job. Past experience which was about HR managing and training managing in international companies for 10 years bring nowadays her knowledge to recruitment proccesses and her ability to see the core of each person – gives an brilliant opportunity to bring it to business life and help employee and companies – to be in “win-win” position.

Reviews of her students and clients, and their changes in life and business – all this helps to awaken your soul and find the mission of your life, for which you came into this world.

You could contact her via email: kjdanova@gmail.com or just send a message via whatsapp +7 926 654 69 23



Leena Parwani is a Dubai based entrepreneur, Founder & CEO of iCareinsure. Heading a financial boutique consultancy, Leena is a financial architect who conceives designs and executes personalized financial security solutions for her esteemed clients. In the industry for over 10 years Leena started her career, With the aim to serve “who need the most” using her in-depth knowledge and familiarity with the UAE’s work environment, diverse culture and labour policies.

When off work, Leena spends time with her two children, her daughter who is a special needs child and her prime reason to promote the concept of insurance for children with special healthcare needs. She calls her son a resource of thoughts as she loves to spend time talking to him as his difficult questions and innocent yet creative answers inspire her to unlearn things which ultimately make matters simpler for her.

Leena Parwani is passionate about her work and believes insurance to be a noble professional. She works to offer her financial wisdom with a vision to create a better and risk free life with financial freedom for families. Leena dreams of care in the form of practical customized insurance schemes to secure the future of 600 crore individuals in this world.

For any financial assistance you can contact Leena Parwani via email: leena@icareadvisory.com



Rachad Atat is a Certified Herbalist and Flower Essence Practioner and has earned several certifications including herbalism, aromatherapy, flower essence, and hydrotherapy. He currently teaches essential oils at a local organic store in Lawrence KS, USA.

He also educates the community about the use of different herbs for a healthy life. His passions are in perfumery and formulating high quality skin care products.

You can connect with Rachad Atat via email: rachadatat@live.com



Rick is a certified Level 3 personal trainer with 10 years of experience in the fitness industry, he is also the founder of Rick Johnson Personal Training. He is a mobile personal trainer offering his clients the freedom and flexibility to train at home or at a location that suits them. Rick’s aim is for his clients to achieve their goals through tailored physical fitness programs and by helping clients better understand the importance of how big a part nutrition plays in the health and fitness journey. He believes that helping teach your clients that long term sustainable goals come from making positive lifestyle changes is something that is very important.

Rick’s Qualifications:

  • Level 3 Personal Training Certificate
  • Level 3 Award in Assessing vocationally related achievement
  • Level 2 Exercise to music
  • Level 2 Gym instruction
  • TRX Group training certificate
  • Certificate in studio cycling
  • Certificate in circuit training
  • Certificate in sports nutrition
  • Certificate in gym based boxing
  • Certificate in first aid

You can connect with Rick via below channels on:
Facebook: Rick Johnson Personal Training | Instagram: rick_pt_dubai



As a journalist, blogger and aspiring author, the world of words and children fascinated Ridhima in equal measure.

The discovery of life through great writing is her idea of perfection. Her undying love for food, music and travel inspires her to ideate, research and create content that is both insightful and uplifting.

Being a social jedi, engaging with people from all walks of life and particularly with readers ensures that her content celebrates life and the people in our lives in all their glory.

You connect with Ridihima Sinha via email: ridhima.sinha@gmail.com



Sharon Monteiro is an International Trainer, committed Life Coach, Published Writer, Motivational Speaker and Qoya Dance Instructor. Sharon is passionate on empowering parents with great tools to create loving relationship with their children. She has been interviewed on various Radio Shows including ‘Dubai Eye’ 103.8 on parenting, is currently a Columnist for the ‘Emirates Parents Plus’ magazine and was on the Editorial Board of ‘Mother Baby & Child’ magazine in Dubai and is considered an expert on ‘Conscious Parenting’. She is the author of a powerful yet simple book on parenting titled ‘Give Me a Chance’.

Sharon is respected by schools and the corporate world for her fun filled and interactive workshops on conscious parenting, personal development and healing relationships. She has worked with GEMS Education, American International School, Indorama, India Club, Third Eye Holistic Center, Rhythm Yoga Center, Soul Art Center and many more established organizations.

Sharon is committed to individual integrity, values and personal growth. She has a passion for learning and has received training by some of the world’s experts in Theta Healing, Life Coaching, Access Consciousness, Qoya Dancing, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Sadona and Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Sharon is a Member of:
• American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming, USA
• Access Conscious, USA
• Theta Healing Institute of Knowledge, USA
• International Coaching Federation, USA
• Qoya International, USA

You can contact Sharon at +971552858523 or by email at sharonrose.monteiro@gmail.com



“Replay the movie of your day each night. Edit what is not needed. Rewrite how you want it to be the next day. Then act as if it’s your last day.”

For Simmer her own personal experiences and Psychological journey as a Private Counselor for 8 years, lead to Insights and Envisions to make a difference in the lives of people by making them understand, aware, awaken the conscious of the human mind, grow, relearn and reconnect with themselves and that’s what gave birth to her venture – Path to Origin (A Global Cause self awakening Project), that comprises of Series of Books/Movies & Workshops. Her target audience is anyone above 18 years of age and she conducts workshops for Women, Youth, Personal & Corporates.

She went on to acquire a Post Graduation in Psychological Counseling/ Diploma in Hotel Management/ Fashion Designing/3rd Level of Reiki, which she combines with crystal healing. Intuitively gifted, Simmer also conducts Angel card readings related to various different areas of life.

Challenges are a part of everyone’s life and Simmer says that her daily life is not short of any challenge. The mindset of people to be open to Psychological self-enhancing workshops is a challenge in itself.

Simmer has a very practical philosophy -“Your every moves reflects you, so how you conduct your life will reflect how you want others to know you as”. Her advice to people out there is “Be true to yourself and live life in accordance with who you truly are –So Live and let live”.

LIFE means:
L-et your
E-mpower the world around you

Website link: http://sbprabooks.com/simmerbhatia/



Tanya Gajria is from Dallas, Texas. She has a professional certification from the State of Texas in Cosmetology and Laser Aesthetics. She has been an ardent student of fashion design and make up artistry for 9 years. Her professional experience includes working closely with a Dermatologist in a laser clinic in Texas and print makeup for various magazines within the US. She moved from the States to Dubai in September 2011 and launched her own fashion business, Elle Semor. She has also started a blog aptly named The Flawless Glam. Here she will cover diverse subject matters such as fashion, natural make-up and beauty and documenting my design work for our women’s clothing line.

The success of Elle Semor, comes from creativity, teamwork and collaboration. Enjoying what we do, determination, and fashion innovation and teamwork is contagious. And they look to create an entrepreneurial spirit that makes working hard and getting things done not only productive, but enjoyable too. Their customers are the main reason and the inspiration for everything they do.

Their clothes are all about fashionable art with embroidery and sequin work. Therefore, they can enable the woman to look absolutely glamorous, eye catching and elegant. They keep up to date with emerging fashion trends as well as general trends relating to fabrics, seasonal colors and shapes. They create/visualize an idea by producing the design by hand or using computer-aided design.

In conclusion, they would like to facilitate a trend in evening wear that crosses functionality, simplicity, elegance with comfort. Clothing should be easy to wear while also being trendy. They believe that fashion has the capacity to exude our self-esteem and confidence because by its very nature it assumes a gap between where you are and where you should be.

You can connect with Tanya Gajria via email: tanya.gajria@gmail.com



Vanessa Woodthorpe-Wright, mother of four, has a BA(Hons) Degree in Dance and has been teaching Expressive Arts for over 20 years. She is near to completing her Master’s Degree in Women’s Philosophy and Religion, with a focus on Women’s Spirituality and Ecology.

Vanessa has been facilitating Women’s Circles in Dubai for the last three years and sees first-hand the importance of supporting women to find their voice and share their stories. Most recently, she launched her online enterprise here in Dubai called WomanSpace, a company that creates and sells organic washable cloth eco positive pads, offering a new, healthy and colourful perspective on menstruation.

Now she has teamed up with Deena Dadachanji to co-found Girl Talk and create a nurturing space for our daughters to explore and find answers, and to celebrate their changing bodies on their path to womanhood.

Ms. Joanne-IMG_4831

Joanne Butcher

My name is Joanne and I am the KKLC IMPZ Centre Manager and Group Operations Manager for Kids Kingdom. I have lived in Dubai for almost 12 years and have worked my way up through the Early Years working as an Assistant, Teacher, Curriculum Coordinator, Administration Manager and Nursery Manager. I have also worked as an Educational Consultant, training Assistants, Teachers, Managers and Directors in the UAE. Alongside this, I am the founder of ‘EYFS professionals UAE’ a successful group with over 1800 members who work in the Early Years sector across the UAE. All this experience has not only enabled me to understand how to run a high-quality learning environment, but has allowed me to learn so much about all of the different cultures in the UAE, making lots of friends along the way. My latest successes have come from GESS, being nominated for ‘Innovation in Education’ and one of ‘Which School Advisors – 2018 Influencers in Education’.

At Kids Kingdom, our aim is to provide you and your family with a welcoming, nurturing, safe and supportive environment which promotes diversity and equality. Our qualified staff will work closely with you, ensuring that your child is challenged and stimulated within the setting, resulting in the positive development of your child.

I have a strong passion for working with children and building a partnership with all our families from mothers and fathers to brothers, sisters, grandma and grandad! You are your child’s first educator, which makes it extremely important that we work together to give your child the best possible start to life. I am a strong believer that the first few years of a child’s life is the most valuable time to shape their future, making them keen learners and teaching them the key skills which they will need for the future.

I hold my CACHE Level 2,3,4 and 5 all linking to Early Years Education, alongside this I am a qualified Paediatric and First Aid at Work trainer and a Level 4 Health and Safety Manager and Supervisor. Additional to this, I have taken various courses for Child Protection, Behaviour management, EYFS Framework, Managing and Handling Emergencies and many other Early Years courses adding up to 50+ additional hours of training.

We have an open-door policy at Kids Kingdom, meaning you are always welcome to drop by to meet our caring staff and take a tour of our beautiful setting. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, comments or concerns or just want to pop in for a visit

Email : www.kidskingdom.ae

Tel: 04 4306 773

Mobile: 0562969166